Why files TBL01.dat and TBL01.org are missing?

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Why files TBL01.dat and TBL01.org are missing?

In installation package CXUNIX_1505_OSF.zip, files TBL01.
dat and TBL01.org don't exist in $TOM_DIR/config.

But there are files TBL02.dat and TBL02.org.

According to the documentation, these files are supposed to be provided
under the name TBL01, and not TBL02 : "The TBL01.DAT file is provided
in the config directory with its editing file, TBL01.ORG."

Without files TBL01, no transfer can work even if there is no


The installation kit product used is a migration kit and not of first installation.


The modules TBL01.dat TBL01.org are supplied in the kits of first installation.

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