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Cannot log on IBM ECM FileNet P8 WorkplaceXT (XT)

Technote (troubleshooting)


Logging onto XT causes the system to hang and not allow you get any further into XT.


The following error occurs in the SystemOut.log from IBM ECM Websphere Enterprise 7.1 (WAS)

[10/10/12 08:15:44:402 IST] 00000055 SystemOut     O Failed to get primary port
[10/10/12 08:18:20:687 IST] 0000001f ThreadMonitor W   WSVR0605W: Thread "WebContainer : 5" (00000044) has been active for 689949 milliseconds and may be hung.  There is/are 2 thread(s) in total in the server that may be hung.

Resolving the problem

Login to WAS application server
Goto Application servers > server1 > Process definition > Java Virtual Machine
Under Generic JVM arguments field added the following for XT\Progra~2\ibm\FileNet\WebClient\CE_API\config\jaas.conf.WebSphere

Note: This is the default location for XT to be installed on Windows 64 bit server. Make sure you enter in the correct location for this file

Document information

More support for: FileNet P8 Platform

Software version: 1.1

Operating system(s): Windows

Reference #: 1613866

Modified date: 07 December 2016

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