Tape Manager for z/VM sample directory entries for a z/VM V6.2 SSI ready or SSI enabled system

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Tape Manager for z/VM V1.3 is shipped with sample directory entries that are based on z/VM V5 or z/VM V6.1, before Single System Image was available in z/VM V6.2. Are there sample directory entries that can be used on a z/VM V6.2 system that is either SSI-ready or SSI-enabled?


Attached are sample directory entries for the Tape Manager for z/VM V1.3 installation id and service machines. These should be used on a z/VM V6.2 system that is either SSI-ready or SSI-enabled.

Note: If you are using Tape Manager in a shared catalog environment, the following TMTMM minidisks are not required on any request node. They are only required on the catalog node. The directory entries for SUBCONFIG TMTMM-n should be updated on your request nodes to remove these minidisks:

    • 200
    • 210
    • 1200
    • 1210

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