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Tape Manager for z/VM sample directory entries for a z/VM V6.2 or later SSI ready or SSI enabled system

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The original code for Tape Manager for z/VM V1.3 is shipped with sample directory entries that are based on z/VM V5 or z/VM V6.1, before Single System Image was available in z/VM V6.2. Are there sample directory entries that can be used on a z/VM V6.2 or later system that is either SSI-ready or SSI-enabled?


With PTF UI39860 for Tape Manager for z/VM V1.3, SSI-ready sample directory entries for both Shared catalog and Dedicated Catalog environments are available on the samples disk (5697J08C 2C2.) Follow the updated instructions in the Tape Manager Program Directory (be sure you have GI10-8660-10 or later) to install the product code before creating the SSI-ready service machine user IDs.

For systems that do not have PTF UI39860, attached are sample directory entries for the Tape Manager for z/VM V1.3 installation id and service machines. These should be used on a z/VM V6.2 or later system that is either SSI-ready or SSI-enabled.

Note: These directory entries apply for Tape Manager installations using a Dedicated Catalog. I.e. each z/VM LPAR has its own tape catalog. If you are using Tape Manager in a Shared Catalog environment, refer to "How do I configure IBM Tape Manager for z/VM to share one tape catalog across multiple LPARs (with or without SSI)"

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