Meeting chair can't edit meeting after chair is renamed

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On an 8.5.3 server, shortly after a user is renamed, they cannot edit meetings that they chair.


The Adminp process "Rename Person in Calendar Entries and Profile in Mail File Extended" is set to "Delayed" by default preventing the calendar documents from being updated immediately.



Diagnosing the problem

Review admin4.nsf and look under the user's name. Look for the "Rename Person in Calendar Entries and Profile in Mail File Extended" process. You should see the user's mail server listed. If it is not listed, the adminp process has not completed.

Resolving the problem

The "Rename Person in Calendar Entries and Profile in Mail File Extended" process which is responsible for updating the calendar documents is a "Delayed" process. Delayed processes only run on Sundays by default. To force the process to run immediately, perform the following on the user's mail server.

tell adminp process del

Please note: The "Rename person in calendar entries and profiles in mail file extended" will run as a delayed request after the completion of "Rename in Person documents" adminp request.

Another alternative would be to edit the schedule in the server document and run delayed AdminP process nightly.

You can find more information on managing delayed processes in the following document:
TN 1101495: AdminP Fields in Server document, and AdminPModifyPersonDocuments and AdminPInterval Parameters

An enhancement request has been submitted via APAR #LO72453 to modify the process or alert the administrator through a notification that this particular process will be delayed.

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