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Remove the highlight on the Y Axis in JViews Chart JSF component

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How to remove the highlight on the Y Axis in JViews Chart JSF component?


Upgrade to JViews 8.8
Set a <jvf:highlightInteractor> to your JSF Chart.
The Y Axis will also become highlighted when you hove the mouse over it.


The Y Axis highlight is a new feature for version 8.8

Resolving the problem

If you want to remove this highlight on the Y-Axis, you just need to write a subclass of IlvDefaultChartHitmapDefinition, and overwrite drawIntoHitmap() as follows:

public void drawIntoHitmap(IlvChart chart, IlvChartHitmapAccumulator
for (IlvChartRenderer renderer : chart.getRenderers()) {
if (renderer.isViewable())
drawIntoHitmap(chart, renderer, accumulator);

You then need to set this hitmap subclass to the hitmap property of you servlet in the web.xml.
Something like:


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Business Integration IBM ILOG JViews Charts General Platform Independent 8.8 All Editions

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More support for: IBM ILOG JViews Enterprise

Software version: 8.8

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Modified date: 11 October 2012