Launching Amos: No valid license for Amos was found. ( 11, 4).

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I launch the Amos software, and I receive the following error:

"No valid license for Amos was found. ( 11, 4)."


Launch Amos on a Windows platform, and I receive the following error:

"No valid license for Amos was found. ( 11, 4)."

Note: In some versions of Amos, if the lservrc file does not exist the first error message will be a Windows Pop-Up stating the following:
"You have not yet run the License Authorization Wizard to activate Amos. Amos will stop running today unless you activate it."


There are several causes for this error:
(1) The software has not yet been activated and therefore no Licensing File (lservrc) has been created. Follow the installation instructions for the software version and your operating system to run the license activation wizard and activate your software using the authorization code.
(2) No Licensing File (lservrc) has been created in the software's installation folder. Please see the number four cause below.

(3) The license in the lservrc is invalid or has expired.
It could be for a different version of the software, it could have been a trial license that has expired, it could have once been a valid license that has just now expired.
(4) The logged in user does not have the correct permissions to read the license file. In many cases this is because the software was not installed with the correct permissions or was not installed properly per the installation instructions for your operating system.


Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7

Windows 8

* All current supported Windows operating systems per IBM's Software Compatibility Reports
TechNote: 1613499:


Diagnosing the problem

Using Windows Explorer navigate to the products installation folder and see if the licensing file exists (lservrc).
If the file exists...
Make sure the user has permissions to that file.
Open the file with notepad and verify a license exits and has not expired, and is for the correct version of Amos.

Resolving the problem

1) Run the Amos License Authorization Wizard and activate the Amos Authorization Code.

    For Windows Vista and above you must do the following:
    Right-click on the license authorization wizard, and choose “Run as Administrator”

2) Verify the licensing file (lservrc) was created in the Amos installation directory. If not licensing file exists, see causes number one and two above.

3) If the lservrc file exists, open it with Microsoft's notepad, and verify there is a license in the file.

A couple items to confirm if number 2 & 3 above are true.

1) Is the authorization code you used to activate the product, for the correct version of software you installed?

2) Has the authorization code expired?

3) Was the person who installed the software logged into the computer as a Local Administrator with administer privileges?

4) Was the software installed as per the installation guide?

    For Windows Vista and above you must do the following:
    Right-click on the installation executable, and choose “Run as Administrator”

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