More values in the Model Info column of a Work Product in Rational Method Composer

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Why do you see Mandatory and Optional Input values at the same time in the "Model Info" column of the "Work Product Usage" tab in a web site in IBM Rational Method Composer (RMC)?


If a Work Product is Mandatory, you do not expect it to be optional at the same time.


Consider the following steps with an example.

The example is created using the "standard_rup" delivery process and "standard_RUP_IBM" configuration provided by default with RMC.

  1. Create an artifact "test_artifact". An artifact is a Work Product.

  2. Add the "test_artifact" artifact to the task "Develop Business Case" in the "Work Product" Tab as an Optional input in the "standard_rup" delivery process

  3. Add the "test_artifact" artifact to the task "Project Approval Review" in the Work Product tab as an Output in the "standard_rup" delivery process

  4. Add the "test_artifact" artifact to the task  "Initiate Project" in the Work Product tab as a Mandatory input in the "standard_rup" delivery process

    The tasks "Develop Business Case", "Project Approval Review" and  "Initiate Project" are assigned to the "standard_rup" delivery process in the "Work Breakdown Structure" Tab.

    The "standard_rup" delivery process will show the "test_artifact" artifact for each task in the Consolidated view, see Figure 1.

    In "Model Info" you can see the three values, Optional input, Mandatory input and Output.

    Figure 1

  5. Publish the site using the "standard_RUP_IBM" configuration.

As a result you can find for the "test_artifact" artifact the three values in the Model Info column in the Work Product Usage Tab of the "Conceive New Project" Activity. The three values are
  1. Optional input,
  2. Mandatory input,
  3. Output

    Figure 2

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