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Fix pack dependencies between DB2 for Linux, Unix and Windows (DB2 LUW) and DB2 Net Search Extender for v10.1

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DB2 Net Search Extender and DB2 LUW fix packs are dependent on one another. If dependencies are not accounted for, DB2 Net Search Extender will not function properly.


DB2 Net Search Extender fix packs are issued in parallel to the DB2 fix packs. However, DB2 Net Search Extender does not necessarily release a fix pack for every DB2 LUW fix pack, but if it does, it uses the same number as the DB2 fix pack issued at the same time.


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The following table shows the dependencies between DB2 LUW fix packs and DB2 Net Search Extender fix packs for v10.1. Look up the DB2 Net Search Extender fix pack for corresponding DB2 LUW fix pack in the table below:

DB2 Fix Pack DB2 Net Search Extender Fix pack
V10.1 GA V10.1 GA
V10.1 FP1 V10.1 FP1
V10.1 FP2 V10.1 FP2 (Note: DB2 NSE V10.1 FP2 does not differ from V10.1 FP1 fixes and hence the installation shows level as V10.1 FP1. Please check db2text level after installation for the updated level information)
V10.1 FP3 V10.1 FP3
V10.1 FP3a V10.1 FP3
V101 FP4 V10.1 FP4

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