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Problem with variable names in OLAP Cubes

Technote (troubleshooting)


OLAP Cubes procedure (Analyze > Reports > OLAP Cubes...) runs correctly and the OLAP Cube is created correctly.
But modifying the cube using Pivoting trays makes the variables names disappear.

Diagnosing the problem

How to reproduce:

1. Create the OLAP Cube from Analyze > Reports > OLAP Cubes
2. Right click on the Cube to edit it and select Edit content > Pivot > Pivoting tray
3. Move the variable(s) from Layers to Columns, close the Pivoting tray and close the editor.
Everything look fine and variable names appears correctly.
4. Reopen the Editor and the Pivoting tray, to move the variables from Columns to Layers, close the Pivoting tray and close the editor.
5. Repeat the step 3 to move again the variable(s) from Layers to Columns.
Now variables name are missing from the OLAP Cube.

Resolving the problem

This problem doesn't occur on IBM SPSS Statistics 20.

We recommend to upgrade to IBM SPSS Statistics 20 or a newer release.

Document information

More support for: SPSS Statistics

Software version: 19.0

Operating system(s): Platform Independent

Reference #: 1612706

Modified date: 03 January 2013