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Fix list for IBM Connections 4.0 CR1

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This document lists the fixed APARs included in IBM Connections 4.0 CR1 cumulative fix.


Cumulative Refreshes (CRs) consists of a set of cumulative fixes for each of IBM Connections applications. For additional information on CRs, including instructions on how to download and install, please review the Update strategy for IBM Connections 4.0 document.

CR1 is available in IBM Support Fix Central.

CR1 is a set of 17 cumulative fixes, each will update the entire application. Each fix is identified by an APAR number, also known as its "CR Fix ID".

CR1 includes fixes LO71325, LO71327, and LO71328,. It is not necessary to apply these fixes if you are installing CR1. CR1 can also be applied on environments that have those 3 fixes already applied.

CR1 fixes are listed in this table:

Application CR Fix ID CR Level
Activities APAR LO71534 1
Blogs APAR LO71537 1
Bookmarks APAR LO71552 1
Communities APAR LO71544 1
Files APAR LO71562 1
Forums APAR LO71560 1
Homepages APAR LO71555 1
Mobile Administration APAR LO71729 1
Mobile APAR LO71556 1
Moderation APAR LO71568 1
News APAR LO71557 1
Profiles APAR LO71545 1
Search APAR LO71559 1
Wikis APAR LO71561 1
Metrics APAR LO71563 1
Common APAR LO71564 1
Container APAR LO71567 1

CR1 is applied as a complete set. The complete set includes all of the fixes listed in this table:

Feature Description
Wikis Wikis fails to display embedded images after edits
Forums Public forums can not be displayed correctly in IE8 error KB927917
Activities When following implicit community activity, no notification received by members who are following when access is Private
News Oracle deadlock of surface event in all views of Activity Stream
Profiles Quickr Business Card is not displaying Connection component items
News Community owner cannot post a status update through the global sharebox if status updates in the community are set to owner only
Metrics Deadlock can occur during workload on DB2
Media Gallery Watching video over HTTPS causes mixed mode warning
Metrics SQL scripts should not rely on default date format
Communities Error 404 when trying to open QuickrJ place that appears in the catalog
Search Increase Lucene index resiliency
Blogs Resolve Blogs API issues
Communities Edit community API returns 500 Internal Server Error
Mobile Enable Mobile redirect
Activities Person is removed from activity she is following and all followers of that activity are removed the next time that user logs on
Mobile Security Management Admin Console does not work on IE9
Install Index out of Range Error when installing fixes on Linux
Mobile Unable to Vote on Ideation Blog Entries
Communities Community search type ahead on EE share tab does not work
Mobile Browsers will log in back to security console w/o providing a valid user credential after tapping the Back button
Install Failed to update Mobile Administration fixes due to the space in the app name
Profiles Business card in Quickr Domino does not work
Profiles Default Style In Profiles Causes Custom Theme To Fail
Profiles Connection business card fails on portal non-connections portlets
Files External File picker needs to handle session expiration
Core Update Help link on login page
Activities Select a Quickr wiki in Quickr box always keep loading
Wikis Navigation tree has text showing Expanded section if Wiki has more than 300 pages
Container Improve response time for oauth requests on certain load scenarios
News Mixed-mode prompt in Homepage when using IE8
Communities API improvements for Requests to Join and Community Broadcasts
News "An error has occurred while retrieving the updates" message with reposted status message
Files Can not search communities in share section when using Firefox
Activities Cancelling a "Convert Comment to To Do" leaves the comment behaving like a To Do until browser is refreshed
Blogs Blogs and Ideation Blogs widgets allow Groups to be selected, in "Notify others" email notifications
Communities New subcommunity form is pre populated when created via subcommunity widget link
UI Minor tooltip correction
UI 404 page customizations are not working
UI auth provider web archive is missing the customization filter
Files No results found' not shown when Browse Groups in IE8
Container WidgetCatalog wsadmin commands do not have proper ID numbers
UI Gadget should choose Connections services URLs based on URL of gadget, and not url of the gadget container
Bookmarks The default value of acf_config_file for dogear should be changed to acf-config-nf.xml in LCC.xml
Core ShareBox can not be loaded when using ajaxproxy
Wikis Dragging the slider in Tag widget on Wiki search results page throws errors
Metrics Initial count not always accurate
UI Login redirect does not strip exclamation mark before sending to login serlvet
News Comments that are attached to a microblog that has been reposted cannot be deleted
News Operation may return incorrect application ID
Container Error information is not captured correctly on load
Metrics Metrics Oauth configuration correction
Container Improve 3rd party gadget compatibility in Profiles and Communities
UI Anonymous user may not see posted file image in Recent Updates
Files "Edit Files Settings" title is larger than other browsers
Moderation Moderation notifications do not honor the forceConfidentialCommunications = true setting
Mobile Mobile Redirect translator rules use hardcoded context roots for all components
Mobile Incorrect string used in daily/weekly digest for open in mobile link
Activities Improve query response time
Home Page Updates should not appear in specific views
News Resolve Oracle operation compatibilty
News Writing status update on community board does not change the community last updated time
Metrics Community owner name with special characters can affect community report
Blogs Recent Updates tab is empty with a Private community
Search Search REST API improvements
Forums When deleting a reply, the latest post link jumps to the deleted reply and show information that is not correct
Files Download information shows inactive user's name twice
Search Make file download links available in the search results API
Activities Completed Public Activities Action can cause performance issue
Search Improve management of the Index Builder queue
Search Close read operations more efficiently
Home Page Profiles Activity Stream may close if a user attempts to add 2 comments
Metrics Event tracker exception with Public Forums
Profiles Do not process photo if it is the expected size or smaller and no crop is requested
Communities Improve gadget ID management
Search Resolve exceptions during REST API processing
UI When a user is in Moderation app, the Apps menu item also appears selected
Profiles UI edit profile with invalid entry results in exception being logged
Community Events Improve accessibility in Calendar dates
Wikis Constant Wikis redirect occurs when Edge Caching Proxy is used
Moderation Clicking Moderation inside a Community will result in error after blog widget is added
Profiles Business Card may not display in high latency scenarios
Install Metrics can not be updated via Update Installer
Search AS-Search index replication may not complete successfully
Install Update Installer shows successful but the fix is not installed
UI Embedded applications in Notifications do no show notification.content
Communities User joins in subcommunity then redirected to parent community for welcome message
Blogs Blogs feed storage effeciency improvements
Forums Unnecessary alert show when clicking edit title link with content existing in description part of topic in IE
Forums In IE8, incorrect message is shown when accepting an answer
Notifications Remove files.notification.collectionmemberupdate from gadget whitelist
News Individual tag filter is not surfaced in some cases in the Activity Stream
Metrics Add demo link in Metrics footer
Core SAND index creation may not complete successfully
Search Source facet returns a flat XML representation
Search Communities 'Source' facet hierarchy does not include types of content from services
Container When News is not started, exceptions are wrapped in EJB exceptions

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