Assist On-site CTRL+ALT+DEL not working

Technote (troubleshooting)


AOS console issued CTRL+ALT+DEL does not unlock unlock the Windows target workstation.

Resolving the problem

The following Vista, Windows 7 and 8 configurations and User Account changes are necessary to ensure that Control Alt Delete works.

The two scenarios that ensure that the logon screen pops up are:

a) UAC on and Secure Attention Sequence set to Services
b) UAC off and Secure Attention Sequence set to Services

1) Start 'Microsoft Management Console': Start -> mmc.exe
2) Add 'Group Policy Object Editor' Snap-in: File -> Add/Remove
Snap-in... -> Group Policy Object Editor -> Add -> Finish -> OK
3) Expand 'Local Computer Policy'
4) Expand 'Computer Configuration'
5) Expand 'Administrative Templates'
6) Expand 'Windows Components'
7) Select 'Windows Logon Options'
8) Double-click 'Disable or enable software Secure Attention Sequence'
9) Select 'Enabled'
10) Select 'Services'
11) If 'Ease of Access applications' was already selected,
choose 'Services and Ease of Access applications'.
12) Select 'OK'

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