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Announcement Letter for IBM Session Manager for z/OS 3.2

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General Availability (GA) of IBM Session Manager for z/OS (ISM) V3.2 was 2 November 2012. This document contains a list of the key enhancements, a link to the announcement letter, and additional ways that you can become familiar with the capabilities of the new version of ISM.


ISM V3.2 is a terminal session manager for VTAM (z/OS Communications Server) and TCP/IP that provides a highly available, secure, and user-friendly method of accessing multiple IBM z/OS and UNIX® systems from a single 3270 terminal. The major feature of ISM V3.2 is an updated plug-in for IBM CICS Explorer that provides a new Online Administration (OLA) perspective to update configuration information including users, profiles, applications, terminal, and system parameters. This complements the operational capabilities added to the plug-in in the previous release and further reduces the need to use the ISPF interface.

With ISM V3.2, if you use pass-tickets to implement session security, you can now manage them more easily using a new configuration option. This release also includes ease-of-use, security, installation, configuration, and operational enhancements, including user requirements, to make ISM even easier to deploy, manage, and use.

For more information, see the US Announcement Letter for ISM V3.2 (212-332). Information for other country announcements is available on the IBM Offering Information page.

See the IBM Software Support Lifecycle Page for ISM to determine if the release of ISM you are running is still supported or if there is a newer release.

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