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Adhoc Move from/to Pick or Putaway frozen locations

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Can Adhoc Move be performed from/to Pick or Putaway frozen locations?


1. A location that is frozen for picking and putaway, means that no Outbound Pick Task can originate from this location and no Putaway Task can drop off inventory at this location. It does NOT however, mean that Ad Hoc moves should be blocked from/to this location, because an Ad Hoc move is neither a Picking / Outbound execution nor is it a System Directed Putaway.
2. Ad Hoc moves are created in the warehouse for quick moves from one location in the warehouse to another. They are manually created as and when required, and can be created even for a Pick and Putaway frozen location, e.g. when hazardous materials are to be cleared out from a Pick/ Putaway frozen location

Hence Ad Hoc Moves from a location that is frozen on Pick and Putaway is still possible. Since it is created based on requirement and is always invoked manually, it falls on the discretion of users of the warehouse to create such a Move.

However, One possible work around to block any such moves from being created accidentally could be: set up Putaway Strategies in such a way that NO Ad hoc Moves have been configured to originate from the Frozen location/zone in question.
[In WMS Configurator of Node in question, navigate to Receiving->Putaway Preferences-> Putaway Strategies-> Ad Hoc Task Types. Ensure no Ad Hoc task types are configured here]
This is only a work around and needs to be analyzed thoroughly before being adopted in a warehouse.

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