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Checks to validate if TEM  SuSE Download Plug-in has been registered using correct credentials

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TEM SuSE Download Plug-in is not able to download rpm packages


First of all, there are two sets of credentials for Novell's servers. One is the regular Novell account credentials and the other is the credentials to access Novell's mirror. Follow these steps to find the mirror credentials.
- Go to Novell's site and login to the regular Novell account.
- Mouse over the "Services and Support" tab and click on the "Customer Center" link.
- Mouse over "My Products" on the left navigation and click on "Mirror Credentials".
- Under the "Credentials" header, there will be a username and password specified. These are the mirror credentials.

Verify that these credentials are the ones that are entered in the "mirror credentials" fields during the plug-in registration steps. We recommend the use of these credentials.

1 . You need to provide the site credentials and the mirror credentials when registering the plug-in.

2. The plug-in tries to download from the mirror site as a first resort. If the mirror credentials are not provided, or if the credentials are incorrect, the plugin attempts to do a less reliable search and download from the public sites.

Public site:

Mirror sites:

Note, however: these URL's only represent the root URL of locations which are searched for the packages, so it is expected that these URL's are not accessible exactly as written here.

Also note: some URL's may end up redirecting to a root of ""

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More support for: IBM BigFix family

Software version: 8.1, 8.2

Operating system(s): Linux

Reference #: 1612417

Modified date: 25 February 2015