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How to add/delete/modify db pool properties in sterling fullfillment suite? How and Why PLT_DB_POOL will be used?


Application provides a stand alone war file which is SMA(System Management Administrator), it has separate UI to make modifications to DB pool properties. This application allows to edit/create the certain values inside 'PLT_DB_POOL'.
The PLT DB Pools are initialized when by calling 'YSCMultiSchemaHelper.getPrimaryKeyPrefix' method, to get a primary key prefix for the colony being used. This function checks and gets the colony which is being used and based on that it returns the prefix number. If single schema is used, then the 'DEFAULT' colony is returned whose prefix is '20'. If multischema is used, then the prefix for the colony being used is returned.

Example API which uses PLT_DB_POOL is: CreateInventoryActivity invokes a logic which internally tries to initialize each of the database pools configured in the table PLT_DB_POOL".

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