Lotus Protector Toolbar Icon Is Missing From Mail File If Mail File Belongs To Another User

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Steps to reproduce:
Set the $Protector_Location=1 parameter in the Notes.ini of a Notes Client and restart it.
On opening your mail file you will now see an icon on the toolbar "Spam: Block sender's mail" as well as 3 extra Spam Protection folders .

If you open a second user's mail file in the same Notes Client the toolbar icon is missing but the Spam protection folders are present.

Expected result:
Customer expects to see the toolbar icon as well as the Spam Protection folders in additional mail files opened in the mail file when the Lotus Protector parameter is set.


The Lotus Protector toolbar icon is missing


The Lotus Protector toolbar icon will not be present on the toolbar unless the mail view contains some emails.

Once you populate the Inbox or other view with some emails the Lotus Protector icon will then appear for that view. If you remove all emails from the view the icon disappears.

Diagnosing the problem

If the Lotus Protector toolbar is missing check if you have emails present in the view, this is the product working as designed.

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