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In a toolkit environment, feature enablement hangs at refreshProject task

Technote (troubleshooting)


In a toolkit environment with Feature Pack 3 or later installed, enabling features that automatically enable the management-center feature might result in the toolkit failing to respond.


In the enableFeature.log, the log file ends with the following messages:

  [delete] Deleting 2032 files from F:\IBM\WCDE_E~1\workspace\LOBTools
  [delete] Deleted 266 directories from F:\IBM\WCDE_E~1\workspace\LOBTools
    [copy] Copying 4050 files to F:\IBM\WCDE_E~1\workspace\LOBTools
[projectImport] projectName=LOBTools projectLocation=null
[projectImport] project.refresh
[projectImport]  (Begin)
[projectImport] ... subtask: Refreshing '/LOBTools'.
[projectImport]  (Done)

Diagnosing the problem

The feature enablement is stuck on the following line of toolkitWorkspaceTask.xml when it is trying to clean the OpenLaszloIndex:

<antcall target="refreshProject" />
<!-- Clean openlaszlo index for LOBTools project -->
  <equals arg1="${featureIdLowercase}" arg2="fep0"/>
  <equals arg1="${featureIdLowercase}" arg2="fep1"/>
  <equals arg1="${featureIdLowercase}" arg2="fep2"/>
  <!-- If FEP3 or higher, clean openlaszlo index for LOBTools project
   <CleanOpenLaszloIndex projectName="LOBTools" />

Resolving the problem

  1. Stop the feature enablement process.
  2. Open the file toolkitWorkspaceTask.xml.
  3. Remove this line:
    <!-- If FEP3 or higher, clean openlaszlo index for LOBTools project -->
    <CleanOpenLaszloIndex projectName="LOBTools" />
  4. After you have removed the line, run the enablement script again.
    enableFeature.bat -DfeatureName=<feature name> -DcontinueOnSQLError=continue
  5. In Rational Application Developer, click the LOBTools project . Go to project > clean. This step ensures that files from previous Feature Pack level are no longer indexed.

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