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WebSphere BI for FN Version 3.1.1 After installation of Base PTF UK80316 you might experience an unexpected behavior in FIN and FMT FIN services as described under Symptoms - Install PTF UK82162

Flash (Alert)


FIN service processing problem indicated by error events :
DNIE4497E , DNFH3715E Cannot access ASP data reason='DNPA1153E: Missing element ' or java.lang.NullPointerException


One or both of the following events indicate the problem situation described with this flash:

DNIE4497E 9/10/12 11:40:19 AM OU1 DNF_ILC_FIN Exception without
valid message ID; exception data: message catalog='BIPv610', error
number='4395', parameters='((java.lang.NullPointerException)(

DNFH3715E 9/17/12 3:35:52 AM OU1 DNF_ILS_FIN Cannot access ASP
data; reason='DNPA1153E: Missing element 'RequestTypePattern' in top-
level element 'RMAFilter'.'.

ISN Messages processed by the DNF_ILC_FIN (or DNF_PF_IS for FMT) might be returned to the sending FIN application with an DNFH3799E reason.
OSN Messages processed by the DNF_ILS_FIN might get stuck in the DNF_IAMS database table. The corresponding trigger message is discarded.

ISN messages can be passed to DNF_ILC_FIN (or DNF_PF_IS for FMT) again by the FIN application.
OSN messages can be recovered with the recover command of the DNF_ILC_CMD service.
It is likely to happen that the error re-occurs.

Solution is now available:
please install HIPER PTF UK82162 available since 2012/09/27.

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WebSphere BI for FN Version 3.1.1 WBIFN V311

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More support for: WebSphere Business Integration for Financial Networks

Software version: 3.1.1

Operating system(s): AIX, z/OS

Reference #: 1611899

Modified date: 01 October 2012

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