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Referenced ESQL modules that are compiled as 'in-line ESQL' fail with error BIP3947E

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Your IBM Integration Bus or WebSphere Message Broker message flow fails to process a message map, and a BIP3947E error is displayed


A user or service level trace report includes the following:

UserTrace BIP3960I: The Mapping node is adding a new element with name ''<name>'' into the output tree.
RecoverableException BIP3947E: The map processing for QName ''<queue name>'' has failed, with the following details: ''''.


The deployed message map contains a reference to an ESQL module that was compiled as part of the broker archive (BAR) file.

ESQL files that contain referenced ESQL modules must be deployed as "ESQL source".
ESQL modules that are contained in "In-line ESQL" or "compiled message flows" (.cmf files) cannot be identified by a message map.

Diagnosing the problem

A service level trace reports the following error:
ImbESQLEngineInterface::callRoutine , 'Throwing exception',
'/build/slot1/S800_P/src/DataFlowEngine/ImbRdl/ImbESQLEngineInterface.cpp', 408,
'BIP4188', 'routine missing', '#XFORMEVENTNAME'

Resolving the problem

In WebSphere Message Broker V8.0.0.1 and later, there is an option to build a BAR file "as ESQL Source". Use this option when building BAR files that include custom ESQL modules that are called by message maps. Selecting this option allows the message map (.map file) to correctly reference the custom ESQL modules after they are deployed.

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