High Availability (HA) Configuration for nzbackup with Tivoli (TSM) connector

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What is the recommended configuration for nzbackup on a HA Netezza appliance using the Tivoli connector?


Based on the product documentation, IBM recommends the following:

- On a non-HA system, the hostname specified in /nz/data/config/backupHostname.txt is the hostname of the Netezza host.

- On a HA system, the hostname specified in /nz/data/config/backupHostname.txt is the shared hostname (otherwise referred to as the ODBC hostname or the virtual hostname) between the two hosts HA1 and HA2.

Given this information, set the following for a HA Netezza appliance configuration with the Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) connector:

1. Verify that the shared hostname, and HA1 and HA2 hostnames are correct on the Netezza appliance.

2. Set the hostname specified in /nz/data/config/backupHostname.txt to the shared hostname (otherwise referred to as the ODBC hostname or the virtual hostname).

3. Create a proxy node on the TSM server with a name that matches the hostname specified in /nz/data/config/backupHostname.txt on the Netezza host.

4. Add two client nodes to the TSM server, one for HA1 and one for HA2.

5. Grant the client node names for HA1 and HA2 (i.e. the individual hostnames of both hosts) proxy authority over the proxy node created in step 3.

The above configuration will result in backup sets that are shared correctly between the two hosts, so regardless of which host is active, backup and restore operations will continue to work as designed.

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