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MustGather for Database issues in Sterling B2B Integrator - data required by support team

Technote (troubleshooting)


MustGather for Database Issues in Sterling B2B Integrator - data required by support team.


If problems occur with your Database System in Sterling B2B Integrator, for example performance or growth issues, please collect the information mentioned below and attach it to the new PMR.

Resolving the problem

DBStat Report In the Web-UI of the Product, go to Operations -> Reports Page and search for 'DBStat'. Click on source manager and then get the report in either PDF/HTML format.
Document Storage Type check the for the key "defaultDocumentStorageType". Also pay attention to possible overrides in Send both files to support.
Global Persistence Level check the value for global persistence Level in Send file to support.
BP and Document Lifespan Please create a screenshot in the Web-UI of Operations->Archive Manager
Check system BPs Check if the following BPs are enabled and running without errors
  • ScheduleIndexBusinessProcess
  • ScheduleBackupService
  • SchedulePurgeService
  • ScheduleAssociateBPsToDoc
  • ScheduleRecoveryBusinessProcess
  • ScheduleAutoTerminateService
  • Schedule_BPLinkagePurgeService
DataSweeper If the Datasweeper is installed, please collect the results of it and send to support.
Removal Method What removal Method is configured, Archive first or Purge directly?
Business Process Status Check the system for Business Processes that have a final status other than Completed or Terminated. Attach a screenshot from the GUI:- Operations->System-> Troubleshooter->Business Process Usage page
Screenshots of config
  • Backup Service Config
  • Database Usage
Mailbox usage Does the system use:-
  • the MailboxAddSerivice
  • Mailbox UI
  • FTP/SFTP Client
  • Any other methods to add messages to the mailbox
Growing Tables Are the WORKFLOW_CONTEXT , DOCUMENT , CORRELATION_SET or TRANS_DATA tables growing? How many new lines were added to these tables in the last 24 hours.
Size of the LOB segment for TRANS_DATA.
DB2 LUW reports Generate a db2support report from the database manager. See
Oracle reports Generate an Oracle AWR from the database manager and check the database logs.
MS SQL server Check the database logs.
Directories Attach the <install>/logs and <install>/properties directory to the PMR
dump_info please attach the output of <install>/bin/dump_info.<cmd/sh>

Document information

More support for: Sterling B2B Integrator

Software version: 5.0, 5.1, 5.2

Operating system(s): Platform Independent

Software edition: All Editions

Reference #: 1611593

Modified date: 02 May 2014

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