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Rational Team Concert on z/OS SCM Command line zimport and zload and z/OS Ant build file statistics incorrect

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Why are file size and date statistics sometimes incorrect on members uploaded to and from z/OS with IBM Rational Team Concert on z/OS SCM Command Line and in z/OS Ant builds?


Currently, this is a limitation updating member ISPF statistics with SCM commands and the z/OS Ant builds.

Review Using ISPF Statistics in Ant-based z/OS builds where this issue is described in detail.


Situations where the ISPF statistics for the member may be different from what is expected:

  • When the PDS member has statistics and is zimported into a repository workspace, it will have the date and time of the zimport. This ISPF date and time is taken from the distributed file system

  • When zloaded back to z/OS to another PDS, the size of the member becomes 0

  • When zloaded back to z/OS to another PDS, the ISPF date and time are the original zimport date and time

  • Files generated by the build process have an ISPF statistics timestamp unless they are RECFM=U. Other information is not updated. The same applies to SCM command line.

Note: Additional scenarios may exist. Contact IBM support if you experience this issue to report a new scenario not mentioned above.

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