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How are annotations supported across Content Manager OnDemand clients in the V9.0.0.0 release?

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How are annotations supported across Content Manager OnDemand clients in the V9.0.0.0 release?


Starting with Content Manager OnDemand release V9.0.0.0, we have included graphical and positional text annotation support to the Java™ line data viewer applet (JLDV). The set of possible graphical annotations includes pen, highlighter, box, ellipse, line, arrow, text, and stamp. The positional text annotation can be thought of as a "sticky note" placed at a specific location on a document page. This new annotation functionality for the JLDV has been implemented so that it closely matches existing annotation functionality in the OnDemand Windows® client. This new annotation support, however, does have a few caveats delineated below.

  • Graphical and positional text annotations will only be available to OnDemand Web Enablement Kit (ODWEK) applications using the Java™ API set.
  • ODWEK applications must be updated to use a new API:
    public byte [] viewerPassthru(String qs, InputStream is)
  • At 8.5 and earlier, the Java™ line data viewer only allowed simple text annotations to be created. Since these annotations did not include any positional information, they will all be displayed at the upper left corner of the first page of the document when viewed with a 9.0 or newer JLDV. Repositioning these annotations will cause the new position to be stored. Repositioning can be accomplished by using the mouse to drag the note icon to a new location.
  • Any graphical annotations created by an 8.5 release or earlier OnDemand Windows® client will not be displayed with the 9.0 JLDV. However, the 9.0 OnDemand Windows® client will display these older release annotations.
  • Graphical and positional text annotations created by a 9.0 release or newer OnDemand Windows® client will likely be displayed incorrectly by a 8.5 release or older OnDemand Windows® client. As such, we do not recommend mixing OnDemand Windows® client versions within an organization.

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Enterprise Content Management Content Manager OnDemand for Multiplatforms Windows 9.5, 9.0, 8.5

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