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Address book version message from config.nsf

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What does the following message mean:

"Your local address book design is out of date. You have a version <versionNo> address book. Upgrade your address book to the same version as your client, then try again."


A message was added to the SmartCloud Notes client configuration application (also known as liveConfig or config.nsf). The application will check the version number of the client's local names.nsf. If the version is older than 8.5.1, config.nsf will post the above error and abort the configuration.

If this message appears, do not contact support or write a bug report. Instead, correct the names.nsf design and try again.

We would ordinarily expect that the names.nsf design would be of the same version as the client. If this is not the case, it is generally caused by an unorthodox client upgrade process. For instance, the user may have made a "snapshot" of their Notes client data directory and then restored their data directory from this snapshot after the upgrade. Don't do this! The upgrade must update files in the data directory as well as your executables.

To correct the problem, exit Notes and re-run the Notes client installer. Select the "Repair" option. When you re-start Notes, your address book design should automatically get updated to the new version. If not, open it and manually update it using menu "File > Application > Replace design..." and select the Personal Address Book template (pernames.ntf). Wait for it to complete (it is a background process; watch the client's status bar).

Once this has been done, it should be possible to re-run config.nsf to complete your SmartCloud setup.

To confirm the version number of your local Contacts database, open it and use the Database Properties dialog, Design tab, as shown below.

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