Improving repository performance that uses iSCSI

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How to improve performance of an iSCSI-based repository


1) Make sure that iSCSI runs over a 1Gbps or 10Gbps network. All the network devices must

support the same speed, having just one device operating at lower speed will downgrade the entire
network path going through this device.

2) Use a separate network for iSCSI. Even high speed networks may become congested when too much data traffic is passing through a it.

3) Enable Jumbo frames on the network cards. Enabling Jumbo frames will allow up to 6 times more data to be transmitted at a time (9000 bytes vs 1500 bytes). This setting must be enabled on both the FastBack Server machine and the iSCSI device.

4) Use ISCSI HBAs with built-in TCP Offload Engine (TOE ). Using such NICs will allow iSCSI packets
to be processed much faster while lowering CPU load.

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