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Fix list for IBM Connections CR3

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This document lists the fixes included in IBM Connections CR3.


Cumulative Refreshes (CRs) consists of a set of cumulative fixes for each of IBM Connections applications. For additional information on CRs, including instructions on how to download and install, please review the Update strategy for IBM Connections document.

CR3 is a set of 14 cumulative fixes, which update the entire application. Note that Moderation's latest version remains at the CR2 level. CR3 fixes are listed in this table:

Application CR Fix ID CR Level
Activities APAR LO70940 3
Blogs APAR LO70942 3
Bookmarks APAR LO70961 3
Communities APAR LO70946 3
Files APAR LO70973 3
Forums APAR LO70971 3
Homepages APAR LO70962 3
Mobile APAR LO70964 3
Moderation APAR LO69596 2
News APAR LO70968 3
Profiles APAR LO70959 3
Search APAR LO70969 3
Wikis APAR LO70972 3
TDI Solution Build date August 18, 2012 3

CR3 is applied as a complete set. The complete set includes all of the fixes listed in this table:

APAR Affected Area Problem Description
LO69822 Communities Community atom feeds may contain "sp_0" prefix.
LO70254 Global Search Handle UTF-8 BOM characters in filenames.
LO70286 Core Services need to handle "NoHttpResponse" exception when remote server connection is lost.
LO66129 Bookmarks Issue with Bookmarks seedlist when last page has neither a timestamp element nor a next URL.
LO70793 Global Search Performance improvements on Community membership SaND indexer.
LO70821 Global Search Seedlist EntrySet formatting error: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException.
LO70437 News Unsynchronized users in Homepage database causes News to fail event processing when processing followers.
Discussion Forums Fix missing 'parent' node data for forum replies.
LO70632 Activities Activities events missing section information.
Profiles Prevent NPE when source url is empty
LO70627 Communities Improvements to Communities data handler.
Global Search Activity containing 2 to do entries, has one deleted, the remaining one is not returned in the search results.
Discussion Forums Pinned topics must be at the top in community topics listing (API).
LO71101 Homepage Prevent duplicate entries during login sequence.
Profiles Profiles business card UI issues when opened from Portal.
Discussion Forums Unable to unmark an answered question as regular topic.
LO70142 Homepage Remove validation check from Homepage admin widget registration on the widget descriptor address.
LO70828 Core Update Help feature.
LO70223 Communities When add.others is disabled by policy for requests to join the "Add this person as Member" link should pre-populate invite form.
Global Search Activity search does not return community activities with explicit membership when filtering on activity.
Profiles Order of services on business card may not be consistent.
LO70438 News Incorrect email address for notification recipient in Homepage may cause failure in notification event.
LO70606 Blogs Private Community Blog resource file download error in IE browser.
LO70299 Homepage Display name with @ symbol leads to profiles URL being displayed in Status update view (IE7-only)
LO70657 Wikis Download event for Wikis.
LO70974 Global Search Allow return of field in Communities seedlist.
LO70758 Files Files application startup improvements.
LO70845 Discussion Forums Could not navigate to next page in Community forum topics list view.
LO70876 Discussion Forums API issue when server default context for forums service is changed.
Discussion Forums Entry is submitted to moderation when answered flag is changed via API.
LO70626 Profiles Dojo debug enabled in IE7 when accessing Profiles semantic tag servlet.
LO71120 News Error displayed when user browses to Update -> News Feed -> Tags
LO71472 Moderation Moderation Notification emails do not honor the forceConfidentialCommunications = true setting in LCC.xml.

Cannot leave Community.
LO71143 Media Gallery Watching video over https causes mixed mode warning.
LO71243 Profiles Profile Edit Save causes a "too many results" error when extenstion attributes are present.
LO69860 News NewsMemberService.syncMemberExtIdByEmail is case sensitive.
LO68500 Communities Improve user interface consistency with inactive user pictures.
LO70073 Blogs Blog entry with an ampersand in the entry title will result in a comments feed with an unescaped '&' in the trackback title tag.
LO70146 Bookmarks More Actions link in a users bookmarks does not work if that user's email has apostrophe.
LO70515 Discussion Forums Preview link of picture acts as download link.
LO70225 Communities Logout link does not work on IE6.
LO70380 Profiles Board message truncation issue when it contains 2 or more links over certain length.
LO70621 Profiles Contact information shows next to profiles tabs instead of below for IE6.
LO69936 Communities Public Communities for other user view omits subcommunities.
LO69827 Wikis Wiki page names truncated within name column.
LO70681 CKEditor Editor update.
LO71345 Blogs Numbers on Blogs widgets not aligned with the titles.
Discussion Forums Unable To upload file attachment from forums containing a comma and a space.
LO70754 Communities Members tab list displays incorrectly after using Next or Previous links on the Invitations tab.
LO70906 Profiles Issue uploading images in a Profile under Citrix.
LO70658 Global Search,Profiles Removing a person from the "Do You Know" widget prevents further updates.
Profiles Business card appears in the wrong position when locale is set to Hebrew.
LO70560 Discussion Forums Creating topic with more than max attachment causes error and duplicate topics.
LO70746 Communities Joining sub-community redirects to parent community.
LO70924 Blogs Issue identifying idea entry.
LO71106 Profiles Business card integration with portal throws the error in the logs.
LO70885 Translation German language translation updates.
LO71191 Blogs Improvements to Blogs data processing.
Discussion Forums Improve user interface consistency with inactive user pictures.
LO70893 Wikis Improve user interface consistency with inactive user pictures.
LO70337 Communities Error on page when communities inactive
Mobile Application download banner shows on certain mobile OS configurations.
Mobile Comment pagination on Blogs is not correct.
Mobile Handle custom search context root.
Mobile Provide ability to hide edit profile option in the native application.

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