Announcing: IBM BPM Advanced Pattern on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server V8.0 for IBM PureApplication Systems



IBM BPM Advanced Pattern V8.0 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server is a combination of IBM Business Process Manager and the operating system compatible with each supported hypervisor image and optimized to run in server virtualization environments. This product will be generally available on September 28, 2012


The IBM BPM Advanced Pattern comes with the following capabilities:

  • Is designed to accelerate the setup and management of complex, highly available Business Process Manager configurations that are pre-optimized for production use
  • Enables you to focus critical resources on value-add activities and not on installation, configuration, and management
  • Helps accelerate the expansion of business process management (BPM) from a project to a program across your enterprise

This IBM BPM Advanced Pattern provides the same capabilities as delivered in IBM Business Process Manager Advanced V8.0. You can use it with IBM PureApplication System W1500 and IBM Workload Deployer V3.1.0.2.

Refer to the IBM BPM Advanced Pattern on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server V8.0 Announcement Letter for additional information. To receive future IBM product announcements through email, access the announcement letter in the previous link, click the link for your geography under Subscribe to IBM iNews in the Related links section, provide your email address in the subsequent window, and click Continue.

For information on the supported hardware and software for the release, see the Detailed hardware and software requirements for IBM BPM Advanced Pattern for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server V8.0.

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