EVE173I PPI inactive message does not appear

Technote (troubleshooting)


Implementing the CICS PPI interface to work with SA, message EVE173I that confirms that the PPI terminates normally, does not display.


EVE173I applid : PPI inactive.

Explanation: This message confirms that the program-to-program interface normally terminated. The variable applid is the CICS application Identifier, which is used as the PPI receiver name for this CICS.

Diagnosing the problem

Issue command 'DISPPI' to validate active PPI receivers exist to allow CICS subsystems to communicate with NetView.

Resolving the problem

The user was running a procedure that deleted all the Transaction Server queues in CICS, including queue EVEVCQUE used by TSA (Tivoli System Automation) for message EVE173I.

The user amended their procedure to not delete queue EVEVCQUE.

The problem was resolved.

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