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Restricting IPV6 net address from creating SARPC bindings with TXSeries

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How to restrict IPV6 net address for creating SARPC bindings with TXSeries?


TXSeries does not support IPV6 net address. If you need to use TXSeries on IPV6 and IPV4 configured systems, you need to complete the following steps to disable the IPV6 new address.
For restricting SARPC to create bindings for IPV6 net address, set RPC_UNSUPPORTED_V6_NETADDRS variable. This environment variable is a space-seperated (" ") list of network addresses that needs to be excluded. If RPC_UNSUPPORTED_V6_NETADDRS is set, the binding related to IPV6 with hexadecimal format will be disabled.

For example, to ensure that SARPC does not use 2a02:26c8:1:3146::101 address, complete the following steps:

  1. Stop all TXSeries process using the cicscp -v stop all command and wait for the SARPCD process to terminate. You need to check the following:
    • Ensure that no TXSeries process are running. You can check this using the ps -ef|grep cics command. Wait for the SARPCD process to terminate.
    • Ensure that the SARPCD process terminates using the ps -ef|grep sarpcd command. Once TXSeries, SFS and SARPCD processes are stopped, continue to step 2.
  2. Set RPC_UNSUPPORTED_V6_NETADDRS="2a02:26c8:1:3146::101" in current shell (suggested to set the same in/etc/environment to have the effect in all future sarpcd restarts).
  3. Start the region. Check SARPC bindings using sarpccp show mapping command. For more information on sarpccp command usage, see

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Modified date: 26 November 2012

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