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Announcement Letter for IBM Intelligent Water v1.5.0



IBM Intelligent Water provides water and waste water operations and certain private sector segments for whom water is a strategic resource with enhanced data so they will have improved visibility into their network. Users can take advantage of insights from their infrastructure and operations to become more pro-active, rather than reactive, in managing their operations. The new IBM Intelligent Operations for Water component delivers standard industry capabilities that can be put to immediate use, including key performance indicators (KPIs) and reports.


IBM Intelligent Water provides intelligence into water assets and operations. It drives significant business value using advanced analytics and optimization.

Version 1.5 offers the following new capabilities:

  • A common operating picture with visibility and insight into operations across data sources, devices, systems, and stakeholders
  • Situational awareness featuring real-time alerts on device status (including device no-reads), event correlation and analytics, data trending, and pattern detection in current and historical information
  • Collaboration and preparedness using key performance indicators (KPIs) to keep track of key devices, systems, and organizational parameters
  • A rich set of extension points to allow customization to individual water operations needs

For more information, see the US Announcement Letter for IBM Intelligent Water v1.5.0 . Information for other country announcement letters is located here.

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Software version: 1.5.0

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Modified date: 11 October 2012

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