Getting an error message after exporting a .sav file via Quanvert

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After exporting a .SAV file, (File|Export Data File | SPSS), when I click on "View File" my .SAV file does not open in SPSS Statistics. I'm getting an error message. This has worked before, the only difference this time is I have a newer version of SPSS installed.

Resolving the problem

Go to C:\Windows and make a copy of the Quantime.ini file. Next go into the original Quantime.ini file and look for the line that starts with SpssWin=

Once you find that you will need to change the path so that it points to where you have SPSS Statistics installed and what the current .exe file name is that opens the software.

In the below example SPSS 20 is installed in the default location on the C drive and the .exe file is called STATS.exe. So the change you will make in the Quantime.ini file would be as follows:


Once that is updated you will now be able to click on View File and everything will work correctly.

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