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Rational Robot support policy for Polish characters in HTML log

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Does IBM Rational Robot support Polish characters in the stand-alone mode log?


You see scrambled chracters in the HTMLlog and the Event Properties window.

The following script reproduces the issue.

Sub Main
    Dim Result As Integer
    Dim FileText As String

    Open "C:\temp\Poland.txt" For Input As #1
      Line Input #1, FileText
    Close #1
    SQALogMessage sqaNone, FileText, FileText
End Sub

The content of Poland.txt is the following line.

Poland złoty

This script results in the following log and Event Properties window.


Currently Rational Robot does not support Polish characters. This issue has been identified as a request for enhancement (RFE) under RATLC02508288.


To circumvent, use English characters closest to the Polish character.

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