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How do I determine the cause of the error: "Error in packet - reason - wrongValue" in the RPING monitor log file?


The RPING monitor uses SNMP to configure a remote device to do a connectivity test (ping) on one or more targets. This SNMP operation is a multi stage setup and because of the difference in various SNMP devices this can sometimes fail.

The SNMP set operations are generally sent in batches. This results in multiple SNMP operations being sent in one PDU. As a result if there is an issue with any one of these operation an error code will be returned.

Unfortunately the RPING monitor debug log file is unable to report which of the set operations has failed and the logfile will contain lines such as:

Mon Jun 18 17:09:04 2012 Debug: snmpSync: Status SUCCESS
Mon Jun 18 17:09:04 2012 Debug: pdu wait_token returned value false
Mon Jun 18 17:09:05 2012 Debug: snmpSync: Status ERROR (packet)
Mon Jun 18 17:09:05 2012 Error: Error in packet - reason - wrongValue
Mon Jun 18 17:09:05 2012 Debug: scriptParse: failed on function snmpsync

It is necessary to use an external tool such as tcpdump or a packet analyser to determine which varbind is causing the problem. By using these tools you can get more information about the SNMP returned code. This will indicate the index of the problem varbind which can in turn be mapped back to the monitor parameter.

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