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Allow SmartCloud Notes users to conditionally white list images from specific domains

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IBM SmartCloud Notes (SCN) does not offer support for users to conditionally white list images from specific domains. Therefore, SCN web client users need to click "Show Images" to have the images display in messages from those domains.

For example, sometimes SCN web client users open messages from specific domains and see no images. Instead, there could be a red X representing the missing image. If the users click the "Show Images" button, then the images display.

In some cases, the users do not know that images are missing and/or that the images will display if they click "Show Images" within the message.

Sometimes they need to click "Show Images," close the message, and reopen the message before they can see the images.

The option of "To ensure privacy, do not show remote images without my permission" is checked in the web users' Preferences, Mail, Display, "Image Security."

Can a new feature for support to conditionally white list images from specific domains be provided in SCN?


SCN users receive e-mail with a red X representing a missing image.

Resolving the problem

An enhancement request for this new functionality has been submitted to Quality Engineering as SPR# KGEW8S8QZB.

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