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Understanding the prerequisites for using TXSeries WLM



The TXSeries Work Load Manager (WLM) is an effective utility that ensures high-availability of a region. You need to optimise your architecture and platform configuration so as to use the WLM utility in your environment.


Consider the following requirements to review the applicability of TXSeries WLM in your environment:

  • The TXSeries for Multiplatforms WLM utility is supported only on AIX platform. It is not available on other TXSeries supported platforms.
  • WLM requires transactions to be independent of each other. Transactions sharing data with each other through the Temporary Storage Queue (TSQ) cannot be used in a WLM environment. For instance, the transaction reading the TSQ is not required to run on the same region as the transaction that is attempting to share by writing into it.
  • Features of the WLM utility can be leveraged only when an application uses any of the following:

    - Distributed Program Link (DPL)

    - Distributed Transaction Routing (DTR)

    - The application is triggered through an ECI application.

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More support for: TXSeries for Multiplatforms

Software version: 6.1, 6.2, 7.1

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Modified date: 10 September 2012

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