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Adding or Changing Registered End Users (REUs) in Flexera Licensing Key Center (LKC)

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How do you add or change REU's in the Flexera Licensing Key Center?


Sometimes the contacts added to company accounts are incorrect or insufficient.


Below are the different methods of how Registered End Users (REUs) can be changed, updated, removed or added within the Flexera Licensing Key Center (LKC) at

When orders are processed, sometimes incorrect or insufficient contacts are added as the REUs in the Flexera LKC. The Administrator of the company can add people not associated with the company. If a user needs to be added (updated or removed) from the Flexera LKC, the following are the preferred methods (in order) of doing so:

1) Have the Administrator of the company add or remove contacts

a) Click the “Account Members” link in the left hand column. On the new page a table with a list of members will display.
b) To add a new member, click the “Add New Member” (green + symbol) at the top, right of the table
– Fill out the form for the new user and click “Submit Membership Info”
c) To delete an existing member, click the “delete” link in the far right column.
– Select 'Yes' and click the 'Submit' button
A video demonstration of this can be found at:

2) Have the user add him/herself as a member of the company
a) Click the “join that account” link on the LKC login page
b) The user will be presented with a form that needs to be filled out. The form will ask for the ‘Account ID’ and the ‘Sales Order Number’ This information is required. It can be found in the "Flexera" e-delivery email that includes the instructions for downloading the keys.
c) Click “Submit”
d) The user can now use the “Password Finder” function to set the password and login.
*** Please note if the provided information is correct, the user is added instantly without notification (confirmation email). ***

3) Have your IBM Sales Representative add or remove the user via your order
Your Sales Representative can submit order updates to Customer Fulfillment to change the REU. The order will have to be resubmitted to Flexera for the changes to take effect. Please provide the required form below (Step 4).

4) Have Customer Support add the user
Before Customer Support can add the user, the current Administrator should complete the below form and submit it via the company email account. The e-mail must be sent from the existing current Administrator or, if they no longer work for the company, from a manager from within the company. The e-mail must come from the company’s e-mail address. The manager’s job title needs to be included in the signature. Please include:

- The Account ID you wish the changes to be made on.
- Outline the reasons for the change.
- Enclose the details of the person who will be replacing the existing Administrator.

Previous Administrator
- Account ID :
- IBM customer number :

- First Name :
- Last name :
- Telephone :
- Fax number :
- E-mail :

New Administrator
- Account ID :
- IBM customer number :

- First Name :
- Last name :
- Telephone :
- Fax number :
- E-mail :

Business Partners and others cannot be added by IBM. Please keep in mind that IBMers cannot be added to a customer's accounts for export compliance regulations.

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