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Installing Informix Tools and IDS Server in the same direcotory

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Work Around to installing Informix tools in the same directory as my IDS Server?


When products are built with different versions of CSDK, or include a different version of CSDK, they must be installed in separate directories. This is a possible work-around to the problem that has worked on several customer sites.

Diagnosing the problem

The Engine is installed in INFORMIXDIR=/usr/informix. The SDK that comes with the engine is also installed, the reason being that the customer needs things such as the esql command that comes with the engine SDK to compile C programs. This is not included in the Informix "tools". You may have 4GL compiler, Debugger, RDS, and SQL Runtime, all versions 7.50.FC6 installed in a separate INFORMIXDIR=/usr/informix/4gltools because of the fact that the SDK that comes with Informix 11.70.xx "stomps" on the 4GL software and causes "missing symbols" errors.

Resolving the problem

1. Install the tools (4GL, ISQL, etc.) in the same directory /usr/informix.

2. Install CSDK 3.70.FC4 in the same directory /usr/informix.

3. Install IDS 11.70.FC5 in a directory i.e. /usr/informix without installing CSDK as part of the bundle.

NOTE: Do NOT consider ESQL/COBOL as a tool and install it in the /usr/informix

Since ESQL/COBOLis not a tool the product be installed somewhere else.

Please see attached URL for more information on installation in of tools and IDS Server in the same directory

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