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Clarity Server - Browse for file location grayed out in Menu Administration

Technote (troubleshooting)


Menu Administration allows you to administrate the menu items and to manage menu security by restricting or granting other users access to the files and folders. Sometimes, when adding new items you might encounter greyed out sections.


When you log into Clarity using Internet Explorer and try to access Administration Menu --> Security Services --> Menu Administration --> Add Menu Item --> Document location browse for file, the popup document location window is grayed out, no interaction possible with the window.


The browse for file window lists all files in the web folder. If there are a large amount of files present, it will gray out until the subroutine lists all files available.


IBM Clarity Server 7

Diagnosing the problem

Open Clarity Server

  1. Go to Administration --> Security Services --> Menu Administration --> Add Menu Item --> Document location and browse for file.
  2. Notice the window is grayed out

Resolving the problem

Verify if there is a large number of files in the web folder (check the properties of the folder in Windows Explorer). If there are more than 5000 files on the web folder, you might have the debugging configuration set to true.

  1. Check the Debug folder. If the folder contains a large number of files, backup the folder outside the Web folder or clear it.
  2. Turn off debugging, as it causes this issue and it slows the system down. It should be used only over short periods of time when troubleshooting.
    In order to do turn off debugging, edit the web\config.xml file and set <debuglogging enabled="false"/>
  3. Reopen the Clarity interface and browse for file. It should work as expected.

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Modified date: 19 July 2013