QCASKOVERQUOTA variable not working as expected.

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If a restarted interviewer qualified for a quota that is now full the interviewers are getting prompted "Interview now overquota - accept anyway (y/n)?" We would like to automatically terminate the survey without prompting. How can we do this?

Resolving the problem

The variable QCASKOVERQUOTA was added in version 7.9.1.

When restarting an interview, suppress the question Interview now overquota - accept anyway (y/n)
qtip asks the question when a quota that was checked (passed) before the interview was stopped meanwhile has been filled (quota check fails). If you do not want to leave the answer to the interviewer's discretion, set environment variable QCASKOVERQUOTA with the desired value.

Setting QCASKOVERQUOTA=0 behaves as if the interviewer selected No at the prompt and will terminate with signal 5 (quota exceeded).
Setting QCASKOVERQUOTA=1 behaves as if the interviewer selected Yes Continue without incrementing the quota.

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