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TAM E-SSO Team provided an unsupported tool for viewing and partly analysing log files on the Client side, i.e. where AccessAgent runs. Is there an updated version of this ?


The attached exe is a small update to the exe provided on the IBM 'Integrated Service Management Library' site (version 0.9.4), which fixes a couple of issues.

You will need to install the package from the 'Integrated Service Management Library' site first to ensure you have all files required. Then update the exe with the version attached here. Ensure the exe being updated is version 0.9.4 and not a later version.

Please note that as documented on the 'Integrated Service Management Library' site for the original package, this is provided as is, i.e. is not supported by TAM E-SSO Product Support.

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More support for: IBM Security Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On

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