ITCAMfTx - Rational Robot arm instrumented script example with subtx

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Provide an example of a Rational Robot GUI script, with arm instrumentation, that will generates sub-transactions in ITM TEP GUI desktop




1) Here is attached an example of a Robot GUI !non! arm instrumented script, where you used, during the recording, the "StartTimer" flag available in the Robot recording in the 'Gui insert' tool bar, in order to set a sub-transaction tag. The "StartTimer" / "StopTimer" flag was used twice, in order to create 2 sub transactions. The attached example is the script before any arm instrumentation. (see RRobot-GUI-Non-Arm-Instrumented.txt)

2) And now, after the script has been uploaded to the AMC (Application Management Console) T3 ITCAM for Tx agent system, and has been auto arm instrumented during the upload, it looks like the other attachment provided (see RRobot-GUI-Arm-Instrumented.txt)

3) As a result, once the script is played back on a T6 RRT ITCAM for Tx agent, and using a Robotic Profile, the TEP GUI workspace -> <T6 agent> -> ... "SubTransaction current status" workspace is reporting two sub transactions called, in this example, "system-admin" and "agent-list", corresponding to the tags used in the StartTimer / arm_start_with_name_rt calls.

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