PM Counter No Longer Changes Job Plan

Technote (troubleshooting)


Changing the PM Counter does up update the job plan in the PM application



1. Create the following job plans in the job plan application

2. Create a PM in the PM application
attach JP3000 to the job plan field on the main PM tab
go to the job plan sequence tab
JP3000 has sequence of 1
add job plans
JP6000 sequence 2
JP15000 sequence 5
JP 60000 sequence 20

3. Generate PM work order couple of times FROM select actions menu, untick
use frequency criteria
current counter is now 2
view sequence next one is JP3000

4. Go to select actions, set PM counter to 20
counter shows 20 on the counter field
job plan field on the main PM tab shows JP3000
expects the system to pick JP60000

Resolving the problem

Set the PM counter to 19 so it will pick up 20. The system will think the PM has already generated work orders 19 times and it will pick up job plan with a sequence of 20

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