SSO implementation steps in COM PCA.

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Steps involved in installing SSO


Single Sign-on (SSO) is supported in Sterling Rich Client Platform-based PCAs. To enable SSO, the user needs to carry out the following operations:
Client Setup:
1.Create an extension plugin if it is already not present.
2.Add the following extension for the "com.yantra.yfc.rcp.YRCSSOAuthenticator" extension point in the plugin.xml:
3.In the "class" attribute, specify the full qualified classpath for the class that extends the "com.yantra.yfc.rcp.YRCSSOAuthenticator" abstract class.
4.The return value of the "isAuthTokenAvailable" method should be "true" when SSO authentication is available.
5.Pass the "ssomode" property as "Y" to run the application in the "ssomode".

Server Setup:
1.In the web.xml, add the "rcpssomanager" init parameter for the servlet RcpSSOServlet. The value of the parameter should be the class implementing the interface YCPSSOManager:

2.To use SSO, a client should be configured to SSO and should have the authentication token. The "rcpssomanger" init parameter set on the server should be used to validate the user session.

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