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InfoSphere Warehouse, Version 9.7, Fix Pack 7 is now available



InfoSphere Warehouse 9.7.7 delivers a variety of fixes that were available previously as APARs and shipped as Interim Fixes for earlier V9.7.x releases.


Even if you have installed some or all of the APARs or Interim Fixes for V9.7.x of InfoSphere Warehouse, IBM recommends that you install this fix pack.

Downloading this fix pack:

Follow these instructions:

Installing this fix pack:

Follow these instructions:

Note: In Version 9.7.7, the contents of the server DVD disks for AIX, HP-UX, and Solaris are compressed, and therefore you cannot install the content directly from the disk. Instead, you must copy the contents to a temporary directory on the computer on which you want to install the server, decompress the contents, and then run the installation program.

Documentation for this fix pack:

The information center has not been updated since InfoSphere Warehouse V9.7.3. However, that documation is valid for V9.7.7 and the only exceptions are listed in this document. See the information center here:

Known issues in this fix pack:

Uninstalling WebSphere Application Server in silent mode: If you installed InfoSphere Warehouse in silent mode and then uninstall, the product is uninstalled in silent mode. If you do not specify a response file during uninstallation, your results concerning WebSphere Application Server might not be what you expected. IBM recommends that you specify a response file that includes the following settings:



Incorrect error message after successful installation on Red Hat Linux 6 and HP-UX: If you install InfoSphere Warehouse 9.7 Fix Pack 7 on a Red Hat Linux 6 system or HP-UX and reuse an installation of DB2 V9.7 Fix Pack 4, and then choose to create a new metadata database, an error message is displayed indicating that the installation is finished but there are error messages in the logs. However, the metadata database was created successfully. The error message is incorrect. (18564)

Incorrect error message after successful installation on Solaris: If you install InfoSphere Warehouse 9.7 Fix Pack 7 on Solaris, you might see the following error message after installation completes:

The installation of IBM InfoSphere Warehouse 9.7.7 is finished, but some warnings occurred during the installation. See the installation log for details.

Additionally, there will be a warning in the installation log file. However, the installation was successful. The error message is incorrect. (21005)

Fixes in this fix pack:

This fix pack includes APARs that were shipped in Interim Fixes for InfoSphere Warehouse V9.7.3, V9.7.2, and V9.7.1.

APARS from the InfoSphere Warehouse 9.7.3 Interim Fix:
  • PJ40481: Optimization for code generation on distributed queries could be turned on/off. (Design Studio)
  • PJ39106: Currently there is user role control on the Administration Console Web user interface. But the command line is forcing the user to be Administrator role, which is not reasonable for customers. The fix adds the same security control to command line, so that different user role will have different permission when executing a command. (Design Studio and Administration Console)
  • PJ40484: Incorrect Code is generated when regression/classification scorer works with gain/quality extractor (Design Studio)
  • PJ39107: The migration failed if the data flow or subflow include a KeyLookup operator. (Design Studio)
  • PJ39108: Do column propagation for a migrated data flow which include KeyLookup operator. Then the error dialog will pop-up when saving the flow. (Design studio)
  • PJ39105: In a data station operator with view mode, an additional select clause will be generated which cause the execution failed. (Design studio)
  • PJ39199: Generated columns in the select list are not recognized when connecting sql query source operator and table target operator.
  • PJ39237: Execute a control flow that contains an email operator, with "attach runtime log" option selected. After the execution, the email sent fails to attach the run time log in its attachment. It will report an error: EML37404E: Attachment missing error: The file xxx.log could not be read and was not attached to the email.
  • PJ39410: After you disable one application, if the application's schedules are not disabled, instances will still be created.
  • PJ39531: SQW13815W is incorrectly reported by the Table Source operator when using remote DB2 for zSeries views.
  • PJ39612: CODE GEN fails with message SQW01101E after applying fix pack.
  • PJ39598: If a project with lower fixpack version is imported into workspace without migration, the codegen could fail after creating a warehousing application.
  • PJ40479: Enable DGTT to be created with XML Columns in Data Station operator.
  • PJ40480: Intuitive XML Column Mapping XML Operators for DB2 LUW.
  • PJ39771: Code generation is incorrect when the group by operator contains a complex expression - rather than a simple column.
  • PJ39741: File Import with LOAD is marked as successful even if the file to be loaded is missing.
  • PJ39742: Sub-process activities are not marked as complete in a parallel container if the subprocess contains variable comparison operator.
  • PJ39775: The code generation could be problematic when the names of virtual columns in the output port of an SQL query source operator are not correctly populated to the down-streaming operator.
  • PJ39890: Support creating sqw execution schema without DBADM authority (Design studio and Admin console)
  • PJ39891: Code generation failed for certain control flows while debugging. (Design Studio)
  • PJ39892: Even if the output port of Data Station operator (of any type) is not connected to any operators, useless "Select ..."DLL against the Data Station is still generated. (Design Studio)
  • PJ39918: Remove unnecessary warning message when validating Data Station operators. (Design Studio)
  • PJ39919: All the single quotes in Variable are escaped by two single quotes, which are incorrect in some cases. (Design Studio and Administration console)
  • PJ40094: Incorrect code generation when two Group By operators are linked with a SQW01101E Key Lookup operator. (Design Studio)
  • PJ40131: The SQL syntax validation tool of SQL Builder in Design Studio is complaining about wrong syntax. (Design Studio)
  • PJ40343: Memory leak when the end count of iterator operator is a hugh number. (Design Studio and Administration Console)
  • PJ40380: Secure Command operator does not always return a correct code '0' - it returns '-1' randomly. (Design Studio and Administration Console)
  • PJ40424: Sometimes the failure of a branch unit inside Iterator operator did NOT break the iterator loop expectedly. (Design Studio and Administration Console)

APARs from the InfoSphere Warehouse 9.7.2 Interim Fix
  • PJ38907: GUI blocks when using sampling function of the table target operator in mining flow. (Design Studio)
  • PJ38773: Encoding problem about sending email using non English languages. (Administration Console)
  • PJ38136: Schedule execution times are not migrated properly for daily schedules (Administration Console). There is also an issue with schedule migration for those with variables/profiles. They cannot be migrated successfully. We provided a work-around for the issue, so that customers can migrate these schedules, but they still need to set the profiles for each of these schedules after the migration.
  • PJ39152: This fix add a new feature to allow user loading data from a cataloged database into the target database. Using cataloged database with load command instead of the JDBC connection will highly improve the performance (Design Studio).
  • PJ38772: Columns in Oracle 8.1 can't be extracted using SQL Query Source Operator. (Design Studio)

APARs from the Infosphere Warehouse 9.7.1 Interim Fix
  • PJ37892: Incorrect code generated if a data flow only has a Table Target operator, and which indicates a remote SQL Server connection. (Design Studio)
  • PJ38008: Column mapping by name is incorrect(case sensitive) in DS V9.7.1. (Design Studio)
  • PJ38965: Support creating SQW execution schema without DBADM authority (Design studio and Administration console)

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