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InfoSphere Warehouse, Version 9.7, Fix Pack 7 is now available



InfoSphere Warehouse 9.7.7 delivers a variety of fixes that were available previously as APARs and shipped as Interim Fixes for earlier V9.7.x releases.


Even if you have installed some or all of the APARs or Interim Fixes for V9.7.x of InfoSphere Warehouse, IBM recommends that you install this fix pack.

Downloading this fix pack:

Follow these instructions:

Installing this fix pack:

Follow these instructions:

Note: In Version 9.7.7, the contents of the server DVD disks for AIX, HP-UX, and Solaris are compressed, and therefore you cannot install the content directly from the disk. Instead, you must copy the contents to a temporary directory on the computer on which you want to install the server, decompress the contents, and then run the installation program.

Documentation for this fix pack:

The information center has not been updated since InfoSphere Warehouse V9.7.3. However, that documation is valid for V9.7.7 and the only exceptions are listed in this document. See the information center here:

Known issues in this fix pack:

Uninstalling WebSphere Application Server in silent mode: If you installed InfoSphere Warehouse in silent mode and then uninstall, the product is uninstalled in silent mode. If you do not specify a response file during uninstallation, your results concerning WebSphere Application Server might not be what you expected. IBM recommends that you specify a response file that includes the following settings:



Incorrect error message after successful installation on Red Hat Linux 6 and HP-UX: If you install InfoSphere Warehouse 9.7 Fix Pack 7 on a Red Hat Linux 6 system or HP-UX and reuse an installation of DB2 V9.7 Fix Pack 4, and then choose to create a new metadata database, an error message is displayed indicating that the installation is finished but there are error messages in the logs. However, the metadata database was created successfully. The error message is incorrect. (18564)

Incorrect error message after successful installation on Solaris: If you install InfoSphere Warehouse 9.7 Fix Pack 7 on Solaris, you might see the following error message after installation completes:

The installation of IBM InfoSphere Warehouse 9.7.7 is finished, but some warnings occurred during the installation. See the installation log for details.

Additionally, there will be a warning in the installation log file. However, the installation was successful. The error message is incorrect. (21005)

Fixes in this fix pack:

This fix pack includes APARs that were shipped in Interim Fixes for InfoSphere Warehouse V9.7.3, V9.7.2, and V9.7.1.

APARS from the InfoSphere Warehouse 9.7.3 Interim Fix:

APARs from the InfoSphere Warehouse 9.7.2 Interim Fix

APARs from the Infosphere Warehouse 9.7.1 Interim Fix

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Software version: 9.7.7

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Modified date: 25 October 2012