Determining IBM Tivoli Monitoring Product Maintenance level

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How do you determine the maintenance level for an IBM Tivoli Monitoring Component or Product.


Use the following method to locate the ITM Component Maintenance level.

Product logs are generated when the product is started. On z/OS the SYSOUT is found with the started task under ddname RKLVLOG. On Distributed systems, the logs are normally located in the ITM Home/logs directory. The Product code is part of the log file name, like " _ms_ TEMS " and " _cq_ TEPS ". The location can be tailored using the CTIRA_LOG_PATH.

Go to the Product log and look for the "IBM Tivoli RAS1 Service Log" section. Below the box, you will see Components listed with the Driver. The Driver is the component build level, or maintenance level. Pick the first component and get the build level of the component. There is an eye catcher, similar to "tms622fp9" followed by a colon ":" and a value like d2157a. tms622fp9:d2157a

Go to TechNote "Platform Maintenance Tables" 7008514 found at URL:

Look for the d2157a. You find that d2157a compares with MDV 6.2.2-TIV-ITM-FP0009. The number corresponds to a date: d stands for "date", 2157a refers to 2012, day 157 and "a" means first capture of that day.

Typically you will find two dates based on the components involved. One will be for the basic services, seen with component kbb, kgl and others. The second is for the TEMS or Agent components. For example kds for the TEMS data server SQL processor. Sometimes the basic services number can be shared between different product levels.

This example shows the ITM product is at v6.2.2 FP9.

If you do not find a match, the log may be from a diagnostic, provisional or some other build made especially for your environment.

You can derive the same information from the Agent logs. You can verify the maintenance levels, by locating the driver information from the logs and comparing the information with the Platform Maintenance Tables, which covers all ITM components.

On the Linux/Unix Distributed ITM platforms, you can run the `cinfo -i` command, to get a detailed inventory about the ITM components installed on the server. Check out `cinfo` on your platform. There are other options to `cinfo` which provide more detailed information. On Windows the kincinfo command supplies the same information.

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