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For IBM Case Manager solutions, the FileNet Content Manager Document class definitions might not be set to properly inherit the Security Proxy

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For IBM Case Manager solutions, the FileNet Content Manager Document class definitions should have a Security Proxy type of Inheritance. If the type is set to Inheritance on a base class, such as Document, you will need to ensure that the same setting is propagated to all subclasses.


This issue affects IBM Case Manager (ICM) 5.0.0 solutions that were deployed prior to installing ICM or newer. If solutions were deployed with ICM 5.0.0 and then ICM was upgraded to ICM 5.1, those solutions would be impacted. However, this issue does not affect solutions that are deployed after installing or 5.1.0.
If you are unsure whether you are affected, you can still run the utility provided to detect if you have a security proxy inheritance problem on the class definitions.

The provided utility will detect and fix any subclasses that are not set to inherit the security proxy. This utility takes the following parameters:

Usage: SecurityProxyUtil
-host {hostName|IP address}
-port hostPortNumber
-user userName
-password userPassword
-os objectStoreSymbolicName
-mode {D|DF}
D = Detect only
DF = Detect and Fix

java -cp SecurityProxyUtil.jar -host cehostname -port 9080 -user admin -password pw1234 -os TOS01 -mode D

Download the utility onto the Content Engine server and run it as a user with administrative access to the Content Engine object stores. Run it in the Detect mode if you just want to determine if there is a potential issue with the security proxy. Otherwise, run the utility in the Detect and Fix mode to both detect and fix any potential issues.

This utility will need to be ran against all target object stores associated with Case Manager.
Unzip the archive and edit the SecurityProxyUtil.sample script file's classpath and host information to conform to your environment. Then execute the script.

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Software version: 5.0.0

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Modified date: 11 December 2012

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