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RELM report generation fails intermittently

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Report generation sometimes fails with the message:
"Could not load template <template_path>/ Error is: "


The error could occur while generating a report from IBM Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager (RELM), as in the example below:

  1. Click Views > Shared Views > Sample > Simple Sample > Generate Report.
  2. Complete the wizard, and click Finish.
A message box reading
"Could not load template <template_path>/ Error is: "
is shown at the top of the report dialog box.


This is due to a bug in IBM Rational Publishing Engine (RPE).

Resolving the problem

This issue is resolved in Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager Fix Pack 1 ( for 1.0. Install it to get the fix.

Alternatively, if you get the error, just try again; the problem happens about one third of the time.

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More support for: Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager

Software version: 1.0

Operating system(s): Linux, Windows

Reference #: 1609517

Modified date: 06 September 2016

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