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ClearCase MultiSite synchronization gets blocked for Feature Level 6 VOB families if one site upgrades to 8.0 (versions 8.0 through

Technote (troubleshooting)


Attempts to synchronize a packet between a 8.0.0.x VOB server and a 7.1.2.x VOB server (either direction) where the VOB family feature level is 6 results in the warning "Cannot read header of packet" and the import fails.


A ClearCase 8.0.0 VOB server that is hosting a Feature Level 6 VOB replica is unable to import packets for that replica generated on a 7.1.2 VOB server, and generates export packets from that replica that are not readable (can not be imported) by a 7.1.2 VOB server.

Packet imports fail with warning message:

multitool: Warning: Cannot read header of packet
23T095226+0200_2316: Invalid argument
multitool: Error: File
23T095228+0200_8428 is not a sync. packet


Defect APAR PM71680 has been opened to address this issue.

Resolving the problem

This defect is resolved in Rational ClearCase version


  • VOB Feature Level 6 was introduced with IBM Rational ClearCase See About feature levels and ClearCase for further details.
  • If you have your VOBs at Feature Level 6 and are considering an upgrade to ClearCase 8.0 on a server, you should install at least version

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