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Rational ClearCase fails to validate input added to the Global Monitor configuration panel during the installation process.

Technote (troubleshooting)


Attempts to install IBM Rational ClearCase with Global Monitor results in the Global Monitor configuration panel failing to validate the values added and allows you to continue even if the panel is incomplete which causes the Installation Manager operation to fail.


The Installation Manager operations Update, Modify, Uninstall, and Rollback fail with the error:

Enter a port number.


The Global Monitor configuration panel fails to identify a complete and valid set of values.

Resolving the problem

This issue has been fixed in as of Rational ClearCase Fix Pack 4 ( for 8.0.


  1. Copy the following files to new file names:


  2. Open installed.xml for editing

  3. Find the line:

    <location id='IBM Rational SDLC' kind='product' path='/opt/ibm/RationalSDLC'>

    If the install location is other than the default, path shows a value different from /opt/ibm/RationalSDLC.

  4. Nested below the location element, verify that the following properties are present, with the values shown here:

    <property name='user.CC_GMLocation,' value='/opt/IBM/ITM'/>

    <property name='user.CC_GMHostname,' value='

    <property name='user.CC_GMPort,' value='1916'/>

    where hostname is the name of the host on which Global Monitor is installed.

    Port 1916 is the default port for Global Monitor; specify another port if applicable.

  5. Open installRegistry.xml for editing and make the same changes that you made in installed.xml.

  6. Restart Installation Manager.

  7. Start the Update, Modify or Uninstall operation, as appropriate.
If you are unable to launch Installation Manager, or ClearCase is no longer listed among the installed products, the files that you edited may be corrupted.

In this case, use the backup copies of the files to repeat the procedure described here.

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Modified date: 18 June 2014