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WebSphere Sensor Events V6.2 to V7.0 class changes

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What are the changes from IBM WebSphere Sensor Events V6.2 to V7.0 in terms of classes?


  • The names of the RUC classes and interfaces have changed in V7.0. In general, the interfaces will be in projects called ibmse_ruc_<ruc_name>_ejbClient. For example, ibmse_ruc_locating_ejbClient.
  • The actual session bean and message driven beans will be in projects called ibmse_ruc_<ruc_name>_ejb. For example, ibmse_ruc_locating_ejb.
  • WebSphere Sensor Events V7.0 is built on EJB V3.0, so home interfaces are no longer needed.
  • Here is a mapping from old class names to new ones:
V6.2 class
V7.0 class NA NA NA

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More support for: WebSphere Sensor Events

Software version: 6.2, 7.0

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Modified date: 26 September 2012